Mizuno is another brand name many golfers put their faith in when buying clubs. Mizuno irons are especially popular with their famous forgings and the new JPX-825 irons to help increase the distance and ball speeds along with controlled ball flight. Mizuno is also a prominent name when it comes to golfing accessories such as gloves for men, ladies and junior golfers, towels, caps and bags. Golfworx supplies Mizuno equipment to the general public so if youíre after an iron, a driver, a wood or a wedge, come to us, weíre can certainly accommodate your requirements.

The design of the Mizuno iron is impressive even the graphite technology is sure to impress you, its steel face has been manufactured using the latest technology to give startling results when players are out on the golf course. Similarly irons in the Mizuno range we sell that are forged are usually in steel and the forged irons are designed to reduce offset and provide minimal bounce, they can also be matched to any specification of Mizuno irons or hybrids you may already own. Choose a grip that suits your game for a certain shot shape, a good feel as well as durability for the Mizuno iron and then let us decide which shaft type you need or hit better. There are shafts for penetrating low flights, shafts for longer distances, stronger swings, mid-weight designs for better launch and shafts that help your ability along with mid-high booming flights. It all depends on your game and let us help to decide which golf club you feel most comfortable with.

Here at Golfworx we do our very best for our clients by having in stock everything they require to make their game more enjoyable, itís easier for them if all items are under one roof and this is exactly what we aim to provide. Try Mizuno Irons if you donít own any to see what a great difference they can make!

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