Wilson Stretch XL Mens +1" Longer Package Golf Set (Graphite)

  • Wilson Stretch XL Mens +1
  • Wilson Stretch XL Mens +1
  • Wilson Stretch XL Mens +1
  • Wilson Stretch XL Mens +1
  • Wilson Stretch XL Mens +1
  • Wilson Stretch XL Mens +1

For the taller golfer, and and those who wish for something a bit more custom - The Wilson Stretch XL Mens Golf Package is the new quality game improvement set for those golfers seeking a game improvement club with the updated Wilson Stretch XL graphite package set. This is an upgrade to last years X-31 and 1200 sets with the new bag and club head design - Ergonomically designed it features a terrific package with everything included for every shot on the course. A padded mesh top is shaft friendly to protect you shafts with dividers to organise your clubs enabling you to support what you need. A padded mesh top is shaft friendly to protect you shafts with dividers to organise your clubs enabling you to support what you need

The Wilson X-31 Mens Golf Package Set is ideal for beginners and game improvers in the game of golf. This Wilson Stretch XL golf package all graphite golf set includes all your golfing requirements to get you out on the fairways and playing golf. Its a great looking golf set full of quality - this is a Stainless set - it wont crack, break or fall off unlike cheaper sets on sale. Backed up by Wilsons guarantee - we offer fast service and secure delivery and free friendly advice too.Telephone our experienced staff on 0191 4479800

Wilson Stretch XL Golf Package Set comprises:
Wilson Stretch Driver (graphite Shaft) at a loft thats perfect for beginners - means that accuracy is the key to learn the game properly with a club thats controllable - the driver gives you this. 3 Wood is also included for fairway shots with a #5 Graphite Hybrid Wood hybrid to replace those difficult longer irons to hit long irons. The irons all regular flex lightweight graphite irons to help golfers and those who slice often from a good bit of offset to square the head at impact. The set make up which are 6,7,8,9,P,SW. +1 inch longer too. Great looking and quality bag, putter and all matching headcovers
Wilson Stretch Irons 6-SW +1" Longer (graphite Shaft)
Wilson Putter and terrific value stand bag that does have a double strap to carry

By combining advanced materials with the latest technologies, the Wilson irons combine a longer clubface so that even more toe or mishit shots are gathered sweeter. In a nutshell it helps you improve every shot. Extensive player testing has shown it to improve contact, distance and accuracy. The enormous sweet spot driver will surprise you by launching your tee shots longer and straighter. Aerodynamic woods and both hybrids increase headspeed and feature a top finish.

Wilson Stretch XL provides every opportunity to improve your game in a price range that wont diminish your passion.-Wilson oversized longer oversize Irons: 431 Stainless Steel Iron Construction: Quality stainless steel heads, they wont bend, break or snap like cheap alloy counterparts: Excellent lightweight steel- Grip: Wilson Premium Grip

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