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Product: Srixon Ultisoft White Golf Balls
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This is the NEW 2017 ball with Srixons UltiSoft Golf Ultimate Soft Feel With Lowest Compression. The Srixon UltiSoft Golf Balls are designed specifically for golfers with low to mid swing speeds who are looking for the ultimate in feel without sacrificing distance. The super-low compression of Srixons softest ever E.G.G core delivers an incredibly soft feel whilst maintaining maximum initial ball speed to generate longer, straighter distance.

With 324 Speed Dimples, the new dimple development can suppress air resistance in flight and produce strong trajectory against the wind. If you are looking for the softest feeling, lowest compression 2 piece golf ball, the UltiSoft has it all. It really works too, feel for yourself, take a ball and do the wedge test, keep it up off the wedge against a tour like ball and you will hear the softness of this ball let alone feel it. A cracker of a ball for the price

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