Eyeline Butter Putter Tempo Training Aid

  • Eyeline Butter Putter Tempo Training Aid 1
  • Eyeline Butter Putter Tempo Training Aid 1
  • Eyeline Butter Putter Tempo Training Aid 2
  • Eyeline Butter Putter Tempo Training Aid 1
  • Eyeline Butter Putter Tempo Training Aid 1
  • Eyeline Butter Putter Tempo Training Aid 2
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Brand: Eyeline Golf
Product: Eyeline Butter Putter Tempo Training Aid
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Make your stroke as smooth as Butter. The Eyeline Butter putter is the best golf tempo training aid for a putter on the market. Learn to keep the putter head moving with smooth motion. Refine your speed control to Tour levels. Make your time on the putting green or at home more fun, you will be amazed at the difference your putting stroke has in timing and tempo. The Butter Putter has 4 important features:

1. A Classic putter head, so you are comforatble with a normal putter head
2. A flexible shaft with the weight and diameter of a steel shaft
Flex Sleeve that slides on the shaft to make it more or less flexible depending on how hard you want to make it to start
A Michael Breed LifeLine putter grip to allow release and feel the putter head

Using the Butter Putter will help you feel what a smooth stroke requires – a connection of the hands, arms, and shoulders. Eliminate a jerky take-away, a quick transition, and jumpy impact, even those who think they are smooth this will test you. A great practice tool for at home or office which you can then take to the golf course before your round. Hit 100 putts with the Butter Putter - all distances, all speeds. Don’t over think it. Hit putts, feel the impact and the roll. You will notice your stroke slow down a little, and smooth out a lot.

Nothing disrupts a good stroke like a quick take-away. The hands take over. The putter face loses its aim. Fix this problem by focusing your attention on the first 6 inches of the stroke. Too quick – the Butter Putter will flex too much. Let the bigger muscles move the putter and the shaft will stay relatively straight. Good things will happen. There is a huge opportunity for the stroke to fall apart when the putter changes directions from back to forwards – the Transition. If this is too quick, the face can lose its aim, loft is added or lost, and the angle of attack into the ball gets interrupted. Returning the putter to the address position is very difficult. The Butter Putter will bring your attention to the Transition. Make the change of direction smoothly, and the putter head and the shaft will stay “connected”. You will be in position to bring the club to the ball consistently.

The Flex Shaft will let you feel the delivery of energy to the ball. There is just enough flex to feel the head moving – you are literally swing the head, not the shaft. If the head gets in front of the handle, you are releasing energy behind the ball. If the head trails the handle, you are releasing energy past the ball. You will feel with the putter head delivers all its energy to the ball. It may be the best roll you have ever felt on a putt. This is the goal of the Butter Putter – perfect energy delivery. You will know it, feel it, and be able to do it consistently. So you dont need a coach wth you, you automatically feel it and know when the stroke breaks down. A great aid you can take anywhere. Checkout a great video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb8sMkgmDu8

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