Powakaddy FW7s GPS Lithium Trolley Gunmetal

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The most technological advanced electric trolley that Powakaddy have produced - the already stunning FW7s trolley goes one step further with an integrated GPS system compatible with 30,000 courses and cutting-edge distance geometrics with your clubs as well as your trolley. All in one package.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS Golf Trolley: The FW7 GPS the most technologically advanced electric trolley on the market, this electric trolley leads the way, a world first. The FW7 GPS offers the ability to never miss a yardage on over 30,000 pre-loaded courses worldwide with no subscription or added charges. The GPS device has been incorporated into the FW7 handle and displays yardages to the front, middle and back of the greens, hazards, the distance of shots and even includes a scoring facility all displayed on a 3.5” widescreen. If this is not enough - more features include a new full colour 3.5” widescreen display, built-in calorie counter, distance measurement function, a new powerful near silent 230 watt motor and also comes with a 3 year peace of mind frame warranty. Unique Plug ‘n’ Play™ battery system with 20% more staying power for the challenges of any hilly course. High performance low profile PowaFrame™ Chassis. The easy to use plug and play lithium cassette gives much more efficiency and lighter weight yet most powerful battery operation. New calorie counter.

Smart phones and GPS devices can be charged via a USB port and for security conscious you can use the anti-tamper security pin lock exclusive to this model. Additional distances between 5-50 yards can be provided with the ADF system, while a speed display allows the cart to be carefully adjusted to optimal walking speed. A key distance measurement feature allows the user to discover the yardage of shots to enhance their game, which is coupled with a competition mode; to ensure the trolley meets tournament conditions at the push of a button. Powerful near silent 230W Motor - 5 Year FULL Battery Warranty

Weight & Dimensions. Weight without Battery 9.7kg (FW7s) Weight without Battery 9.8kg (FW7s EBS) Weight of 18 hole Lithium Battery 2kg Weight of 36 hole XL Lithium Battery 2.8kg Weight of 18 hole Lead-Acid Battery 7.5kg Wheelbase 570mm Folded 385mm (H) X 860mm (W) X 570mm (D) Open 955mm (H) X 1285mm (W) X 570mm (D)

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