PING Hoofer 2020 Carry Stand bag (Heather)

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Brand: PING
Product: PING Hoofer 2020 Carry Stand bag (Heather)
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RRP: £179.00 £159.00
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New PING Hoofer 2020 new style and colours available now. Carry your clubs with the brand thats the number one in golf. With comfort with the brilliant 2020 PING Hoofer Stand Bag. For a backpack style comfortable carry, or detach for a single strap carry for the traditionalists, this superb bag features PINGs Enhanced Ergonomics (E2) technology. PING Hoofer Stand Bag Design. The 5-way top with 2 full length dividers means the PING Hoofer 2020 Stand Bag features PING’s proprietary system of E2 that provides quality, performance, and innovation. E2 incorporates a strap system for customizing the fit, a strap slider to carry the bag backpack style for maximum comfort, and a leg-retention strap that keeps the legs snug to the bag body while walking.

PING Hoofer Stand Bag Features:
5 way reinforced top with integrated handle
12 total pockets 8 zippered 4 slip open pockets
2.4 kg in weight. Lightweight design rangefinder pocket
PING Hoofer 2020 Stand Bag Enhanced Ergonomics (E2) Technology

PINGs proprietary system of E2 used in the PING Hoofer Stand Bag provides quality, performance, and innovation.

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