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  • Ping iBlade Irons Steel 1
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Brand: Ping
Product: Ping iBlade Irons Steel
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Was £749.00 Now £699.00
To order or book a custom fit please call us on 0191 4479800 or email us.

New, beautiful simple satin design for no nonsense ball strikers. The new PING iBlade is something special, with gorgeous looks and performace control to boot. The most important achievement might not be its faster, flexing face, or forgiveness, when designing a great players club PING must engineer feel into the face first. The problem, of course, is that as engineers aim to inject more horsepower into these compact players irons by constructing thinner faces, feel can be compromised.

Thatís why the most important element in the iBlade irons for 2017, isnít so much a thinner face. Instead, itís whatís behind that face thats important. While the face on the Ping iBlade is half the thickness of its most direct predecessor, the S55, Pingís engineers have uniquely developed a way to support a large area from heel to toe on that thin face with an elastomer insert. Itís no small feat of engineering to get the elastomer wedged into the pocket cavity behind the face, but the material in the insert allows the face to give at impact while filtering those vibrations for a softer feel.

It also helps save weight that can be redistributed throughout the head for improved stability on off-center hits - so the irons are still packed with feel and now with the insert - a little more forgiveness - why not? Everyone needs it - even serious amateurs & professional players - who already hit it a fair way..... right? But it will still play longer than S55 but with still that amazing soft feel and stable distance control that serious players prefer. That stability gets a further boost with a higher density tungsten block inserted in the low toe. That block weighs an average of 23 grams through the set, for a 70 percent increase in mass compared to the S55 iron.

Also contributing to the feel is the use of soft 431 stainless steel in the one-piece cast construction. The Ping iBlade is now the company's most played iron on tour, including use by Louis Oosthuizen, Daniel Summerhays and Migel Angel Jimenez. Key to the quick adoption have been some shaping tweaks from the S55 model. Those include a thin top line and subtle adjustments to the bounce angles and increased heel relief on the soles of the 3- through 7-irons. The iBlade maintains the same narrow sole as the S55 to aid playersí ability to manipulate the clubhead.

The iBlade features a machined face and milled grooves for improved precision and optimized spin.As standard each set of i Irons comes fitted with Dynamic Gold steel shafts and PING 5L grips, however 4 different options of shafts , AWT 2.0,true temper XP-95, Nippon Modus 105 and Project X will be available FREE to offer more choice than ever before without breaking the bank.

Custom Options

Golf custom fitting

We are official flighscope custom fitters - Golfworx will use their current fitting bay and will carry a Kudu Flightscope radar launch monitor at Boldon Golf Club that will assure that every golfer gets the best specification of club. We call it 'FITTING WORX'. and will cost £40 per fitting - refunded on the club order (excluding sale irons/woods or promotional reduced to clear). This will ensure the golfer attains flex, bend profile and weight of shaft are correct, inturn ensuring the desired performance is achieved. Golf club analysis is a science and this evolution is now at it's most technical and accurate. The benchmark in fitting on tour, you dont need to be looking at new clubs to benefit, we can give you all the information you need about your current equipment, and make some suggestions based on our findings.

Flightscope is considered to be the only real launch monitor to give real time data and provide accurate fitting of shaft and club harmony for golfers who wish to purchase equipment without doubt of it being correct for them. The European Tour now rely on Flightscope to provide all information for longest driving statistics. Making an appointment with us for a FITTING WORX session will be a truly informative experience, it will not only establish which are the best clubs for you but also assist in yardages to keep your game consistent. During fitworx you can therefore ensure that you purchase exactly the correct combination of clubs to cover all areas of your game.

For further details of this and all other aspects of custom fitting please call Golfworx on 0191 4479800, email, or request a call back to book an appointment

Mizuno Fitter Of The Year 2011/12 DNA Swing Fit

Find the perfectly matched shaft in 3 swings"A player can go to any of Mizuno's Fitting centres and be fit to the shaft within 15 minutes. The fitter can apply their skills to the more constant components - length, lie angle, grip size, knowing that our Fitting System will look after the engine of the club - the shaft." Mark Duncombe, European Tour Technician. Just ten years ago the most complex choice a golfer had to make was 'Stiff or regular?' Now custom fitting has thrown up so many options that the average player has more ways to get it wrong than ever.
Faced with this problem, Mizuno has developed a technology that takes shaft fitting to a whole new level. Specially-created software sifts through the options to select the optimal match, based on Swing DNA recorded by Mizuno's Shaft Optimizer. What was once a inaccurate process is now one that is immediate, consistent and available at golfworx

Callaway Opti-fit

The Callaway Fitting System gives your club fitter an unparalleled array of club combinations to work during your FITWORX session, ensuring you walk away with the ideal Callaway clubs for your game. I-MIX Technology Gives You the Ultimate in Driver Flexibility while OptiFit Clubs Replicate the Look, Feel and Performance of Production Clubs Our driver fitting platform uses I-MIX Technology. I-MIX interchangeable clubheads and shafts allow you and your fitter to easily find your ideal driver setup. Callaway engineers have designed OptiFit Fitting System irons so their performance is indistinguishable from the iron you will put in play. The swingweight and center of gravity are virtually identical to production clubs in terms of playability, feel and performance.


Titleist Sure Fit

Originally developed by Titleists R&D department for rapidly attaching driver and iron heads to demo shafts,the new Titliests sure Fit System offers golfers a custom-fitting experience with a broader array of golf club options to ensure the best fit for your swing.With the new fitting cart stocked with dozens of Titleist club heads of differing characteristics and dozens of shafts of differing make, flex, kickpoint and length, the number of complete club possibilities is huge!! 

Also in the system are different iron heads of various driver and iron models and lie angles that range from 4° flat to 4° upright, shafts of varying lengths, flexes and materials (both steel and graphite) that all add up to offer vast possible combinations. The Titleist Sure Fit experience is available at your preferred Titleist location golfworx

Wilson Staff Dyna-fit

Wilson Golf irons have earned more Major victories than any other and now under its Wilson Staff brand, the company has launched Dyna-Fit Online to help golfers determine their optimum 12-club selection, featuring the most appropriate distance gaps and lofts from short irons to fairway metals. The Dyna-Fit online system incorporates the brand’s ‘Own the Fairway’ concept by recommending the Wilson Staff iron set best suited to each player’s game, based on playing style and shot characteristics. Then it matches long and short game options from the fairway utility family and wedges


Our Price Promise

Golfworx are commited to delivering the best quality and value golf equipment around. We pride ourselves in it. However if you note a lower price in a like for like specification* we will beat - YES beat, any genuine proof of quote to us locally and nationally.

*Please note this still applies to custom fit however the specification has to be exact to our UK product and if its not custom fit - then the retailer must have proof of stock. If in the rare instance there is a lower price elsewhere then e-mail us HERE and/or leave a number so we can call you back with a great price and PGA advice. Please also note that if you want to spend - your budget shouldnt be wasted on items that are incorrect for you - just because it looks like a bargain, it may be a disaster for your game. We care you get the right equipment - not any equipment.

*Our policy does not cover parralel imports where the item may be genuine but come from outside the EU where many warranties are invalid and/or different components are used.
We are also absolutely commited to stamping out counterfeits and poor imitatations. We work with authorities to make sure you never get one. If it looks too good to be true - then check with us first and we will find out if its genuine or not. Please let us know!


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