Cleveland Iso Golf Putter

  • Cleveland Iso Golf Putter 1
  • Cleveland Iso Golf Putter 1
  • Cleveland Iso Golf Putter 1
  • Cleveland Iso Golf Putter 1
New, inspiring, confidence boosting looks from the new line of Cleveland putters - one of the best value on the market. The Cleveland Frontline putters stand as a benchmark and clear about the property of moment of inertia (MOI), which is a measurement of an objectís resistance to twisting on off-center hits.

MOI has been a selling point as oversized mallets and multiple material designs have off-center hit performance roll with nearly the same ball speed as center hits because of the overall stability of that design.

But Clevelandís design team not only thinks the way high MOI has been traditionally engineered isnít necessary, and itís actually making your putts roll farther off-line than they should. In other words a high-MOI putter is not going to produce straighter mis-hits.

So the challenge for Clevelandís design team was to find a way to retain ball speed on off-center hits without having to resort to a deep CG and a high MOI. the Frontline putters use a milling patter on the face thatís geared to each of the four heads in the collection (one blade, three mallets). Called SOFT for speed optimized face technology, Lambeth said the face designs basically replicate the off-center hit benefits of a high-MOI putter by using a pattern of S-shaped grooves running vertically across the putter face. A more compressed pattern in the center slows ball speed, while wider spacing allows for more direct energy transfer. A variable depth and pitch milling pattern, ball speed normally lost on off-center hits can be recovered. By considering the exact relationship between the milling properties and ball speed, along with the putterís inertial response on off-center impacts, this curve can be made perfectly flat within the frontline model. Its not just another putter under £150 to hit a price point.

The difference is the Frontline putters use a CG closer to the face so the putter doesnít rotate as much on an off-center hit, sending the ball off on a greater angle. Clevelandís research says these face patterns reduce that mis-hit directional angle by half-a-degree to nearly two degrees on off-center hits of three-quarters of an inch. An accurate putter as well as consistent speed off the face. Great looking options, great story. If you struggle on those short putts or lack distance you need to maybe have a rethink on your usual putter

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