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The new ball from Mizuno that will rival your current ball. Faster Tour Performance With Softer Feel. The Mizuno RB Tour Balls are a new tour-calibre, four-piece golf ball that promise optimum green side feel plus excellent performance in the wind. Thanks to a new drag-reducing Cone Profile Dimple (C-Dimple), 4 piece construction and urethane cover, these must have dimples reduce drag, which allows the ball to pierce through the air and delay speed loss during the journey. Dimples also determine lift, or how high the ball flies.

For the RB Tour/RB Tour X, Mizuno developed a unique dimple geometry – what it’s calling the Cone Dimple (or C-Dimple) – which minimizes drag while maintaining a requisite amount of lift. What does all that mean in non-engineer speak? A ball with a flatter, more piercing trajectory that still has distance due to its ability to maintain ball speed

The RB Tour and RB Tour X are virtually identical balls, with the only difference being compression. Both balls have the same dimple pattern and Cone Dimple geometry. The RB Tour is the softer of the two, at a compression of 93, while the RB Tour X is 110. In simple terms, higher compression equals more ball speed, and lower compression equals less driver spin. When it comes to the ball for you if you’re a low spin player with a positive angle of attack and you like having more spin, take the X every time - You’re going to get free ball speed due to higher compression. “If you battle flight, if you already spin a lot and any more spin will be detrimental to your distance, then the RB Tour is going to help you more due to reduced spin. The lower compression, while it does equal lower ball speed, also equals lower driver spin.

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